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    Regional Qualifiers per state

    Level 6/7/8 Regional Qualifer numbers

    Level 6 cut-off is a 36.375

    Level 7 cut-off score is a 36.225

    Level 8 cut-off score is a 35.225

    Xcel Qualifer numbers

    Diamond qualifying score is a 34.85

    Platinum qualifying score is a 35.775

    Gold qualifying score is a 36.075

    Silver qualifying score is a 36.8

    When will regional schedules be available?

    Level 6/9/10 State Meet Information!

    Help us recognize our seniors!

    Please fill out the attached form and return it with a picture so we can honor our graduating seniors!


    2021-2022 Meet Calendar

    The 2021-22 Georgia Meet Calendar will open on March 1,2021.  Please register your meet on

     The Meet Calendar will close on June 15th

    Click here for a State Meet Bid form Due June 1

    Please submit a State Meet Bid by June 1, 2021 if you are interested in hosting a state meet in 2021-22

    2020-2021 Georgia Meet Calendar

    2020-21 Meet Calendar

    The 2020-21 Georgia Meet Calendar can now be found on the Events page of this website




    State Meet Information and Committee Minutes have been updated! Check out those pages!

    Declaration Date

    Reminder that the Declaration Date for the fall season is Nov 15th and spring season is Feb 15th.  At state meet your athlete is required to compete at the highest level they have competed after this date.  

    Michelle Pomerantz

    Michelle Pomerantz

    State Chairman

    Phone: 404-663-1096