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Safe Sport


    Xcel Qualifying Scores

    Silver: 37.2
    Gold: 36.20
    Platinum: 35.8
    Diamond: 35.25

    2019 State Meet Schedules

    Regionals Qualifiers for GA

    Level 6- 131 (35.9 was qualifying score)
    Level 7- 115
    Level 8- 102

    Xcel: Silver 126
    Gold 139
    Platinum 65
    Diamond 16

    State Meet Bid Form

    Declaration Date

    Reminder that the Declaration Date for the spring season is Feb 15th.  At state meet your athlete is required to compete at the highest level they have competed after this date.  

    Michelle Pomerantz

    Michelle Pomerantz

    State Chairman

    Phone: 404-663-1096