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2021 Level 6/9/10 State Championships

Level 6/9/ 10 State Championships

Hosted by GA USA Gymnastics at Buford Arena, 2795 Sawnee Ave, Buford, GA 30518

Meet entries must be done by March 1st, Refund and qualification deadline of 3/8. 

All athletes must be entered on USA Gymnastics Met Reservation and paid for on Meetmaker.  Entry fees are $85


Athletes must score a 32 AA once this season to qualify or have qualified at the same level in 2020.


Please submit your senior form so that we can recognize you at state meet!



Level 6 Results

Places awarded:

Ch A=11, Ch B=11, Ch C=9, Ch D=11, Ch E=9, Ch F=11

Jr A=11, Jr B=11, Jr C=10, Jr D=11, Jr E=11, Jr F=11

Sr A=11, Sr B=11, Sr C=11, Sr D=12, Sr E=11

Level 9 Results

Places awarded:

Jr A=11, Jr B=11, Jr C=11

Sr A=10, Sr B=9

Level 10 Results

Places awarded:

Jr A=8, Jr B=8, Jr C=9

Sr A=9, Sr B=10